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Laser Logics, Inc., a woman-owned business with over 25 years of service. Leveraging collective resources of our experience we are uniquely qualified to aid healthcare entities to navigate the challenges the new healthcare era and regulatory mandates. Laser Logics provides complete healthcare management solutions to optimize the potential, tailored to the uniqueness of each healthcare entity, while enabling healthcare providers to deliver the highest possible patient care supported by our resources encompassing the collective strategies of IT, certified EHR solutions, training, customizations, together with business management tools. Success is achieved systematically and fundamentally by:

Service, unique offering of a “turn-key solution” that encompasses crucial elements that are vital to the success of any EHR implementation in both ease of use and cost efficiency. A collective offering of: project management, networking, hardware, security, training on-site and webcast, customizations, business continuity planning, and after sale support. A “turn-key” approach reduces confusion, yields adherence to important timelines, which renders positive outcomes for the healthcare entity with their EHR solution.

Commitment, to value and integrity to healthcare entities and to the stakeholders of Laser Logics is a core philosophy. Our team is committed to each other working together in unison to yield unparalleled results in highest quality outcomes and smoother transitioning for our clients.

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