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Topaz is a leader in electronic signature software and pads for the capture, binding, authentication, and verification of electronic signatures in digital documents.  Topaz offers the versatility, security, and value organizations need.   Topaz Systems is committed to document centric technology and has significant market share in markets that require the same.  Topaz Systems signature capture devices are designed to meet the diverse applications of signing either with ink on paper where the electronic version is the original or directly to a superior ergonomic signing area.
Computime, Inc. is an Authorized Fulfillment Partner for Topaz Systems
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More information on Topaz products:
Topaz eSignature Pads
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TransEngen, a healthcare technology company, has a solution that lets providers determine their patients' health plan eligibility and calculate patient liability in real-time, on their own computer via the Internet. Then, using the same system, process payments from patients by credit card, debit card or check electronically. The Revenue Maximizer is an easy-to-use, web-based patient responsibility calculation and payment system designed specifically for healthcare providers to help improve cash flow, accelerate patient payments, and minimize patient bad debt. It’s extremely easy to implement, uses the provider’s current computer and Internet connection, and works alongside their billing or practice management system. Best of all, the TransEngen system can be up and running within minutes – without any expensive equipment or lengthy training.
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More information on TransEngen products:
Revenue Maximizer
Payment Processing
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Founded in 2003, Intronis is a SAS70-certified online data backup and recovery solution for managed service providers. Intronis utilizes 256-bit AESsecurity and multiple data centers located thousands of miles apart to ensure data protection and availability. Intronis offers managed service providers a secure data solution
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Ingenix offers an array of solutions and services, including integrated electronic medical claims service via ENS, that help physician groups enhance revenue while complementing these capabilities with extensive regulatory compliance tools and comprehensive consulting and implementation services. Switching clearinghouses is no longer a complicated hassle thanks to Ingenix ENS. Ingenix has been in the clearinghouse business for a long time with a proven track record of reliability, stability and connectivity to more than 1,600 payers. Ingenix ENS offers a full spectrum of EDI products, tools and services.
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IMS is integrating their technology with TelTech Systems to enhance functionality by providing their customers with MediCall's Automated Patient Confirmation Service. TelTech Systems has been leading the way for over 12 years in the automated Messaging Market. MediCall interfaces with the IMS scheduler, automating the process of file transfer to and from our secure server. Clients can log onto our website to obtain their daily Call Results Report. Simple and easy they can print or save the report to a file.
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Synnex value-added service model streamlines business processes to help customers across the globe lower their costs and create greater efficiencies. We provide a variety of professional and marketing services, including: demand generation, education and training, pre-and post-sale technical support, end-user enablement, server assessment, design and integration, recycling and trade-in, contract design and assembly, and IT resource planning.  SYNNEX also offers financial options to secure credit-lines and help close deals, and we sponsor a variety of programs, communities, and events to enable resellers to build and grow business in specific vertical markets.
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    CaseWorks Web

This innovative software is designed to easily transition counselors and service providers away from the burden of filing paper-based client forms. Unlike generalized EHR and EMR systems, CaseWorks Web has been designed to specifically meet the needs of the clinician and counseling service industries. Using the CaseWorks Web automated system will optimize your organization's service delivery and information management processes. This system gives your organization the ability to automate your workflow and manage all aspects of treating your clients.
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    Crest Capital  

Crest Capital offers financing solutions for IMS EHR Solutions’ clients. The Finance Center will allow customers to get an instant payment quote as well as submit an application online.
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    US Funding, LLC 

US Funding LLC offers leasing options for IMS EHR Solutions' clients.
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